Hi, I’m Kathryn Sprigg

‘If you stepped inside my head it would resemble something like Alice in her Wonderland. I want people to experience exactly how I see the world at that moment in time. In a city as famous as New York, it is important to go beyond the obvious and draw out what is beautiful in the mundane, daily rituals of life that define the city for those who know it best.’

Born on a sheep stud in Western Australia, I first visited New York in 2003 while working overseas. It was love at first sight. I still have the first photos that I took when I arrived and they bring me to tears now more than ten years after they were taken.

“She’s whimsical, she’s enchanted and she’s like no other… Kathryn Sprigg sees the world through a unique lens and brings a special flavour to the photographs she captures. Each image is a rare kind of wonderful… quite like Kathryn herself. She just gets it and is an absolute dream to shoot with. She brings her A-game 24/7 and isn’t afraid of being a passionate perfectionist.”
Michelle Rimmer, States of Style

“Kathryn is fantastic! She exceeded all expectations in every respect, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in an instant. The perfect wedding photographer who we almost didn’t realise she was even there, yet managed to capture so many beautiful and candid moments of our day.”
Trent Smith

Clients & Collaborations

The Fish Boss, Lauren Catalano Yoga, Elizabeth Rosenbaum, Alex Haney, The Style Trust, Jack Taylor, Hats by Felicity, Featherhorse, Lululemon, Isagenix, Hobbs, Picnic, The Good Cartel, TxC Collective, The Mangrove Hotel, Yiskah, The Aarli Bar, Margaret River Chocolate Factory, States of Style, Pitta Patta Skin Care, Sana Boutique, U.S. Consulate, Ella Bache, Daniel Brumley Couture Hair, Grace & Scarper, Brookfield Place, Meaghan White Architect, Ministry of Sound, Maiko, Hed Kandi, RM Williams, Stimulatte Cafe, H&M Builders, Ray White Real Estate, Alex Von Hoffman Films, Onya Magazine.


Vogue Living, Inside Out, Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian, The Sunday Times, RM Williams, West Australian Tourism Board, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Qantas Inflight Magazine, George Street Magazine, Scoop Magazine, Onya Magazine.

I love the idea of not being pigeonholed by any one style or framework. I’m not afraid to say that some of my best selling pieces have been taken on old cameras with broken or scratched lenses. Others have been taken with vintage cameras that cost $10,000 plus.

I have always felt it important to remind people that a wonderful photo can be taken at any moment in time, using very little. There can be an over emphasis today on technology, but sometimes the simplest of techniques create the most moving images and are the best way to really capture the world around us.

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